Best Free Games for Android 2014

Your Android tablet or smartphone can be your best companion in many occasions. Even if you have to wait in a queue or outside the dentist’s office, you can count on your device to help you pass the time on the bets possible way. No matter where you are, you can still have fun, thanks to a wide range of games that can give you hours of entertainment. Of course, avid gamers do not need an excuse to immerse in the excitement that a good game can offer. No matter what kind of game you are looking for, there is something for everyone and you don’t even have to spend money to get a good option. We present you the best free games that you can get for your Android device right now.

Plague Inc
This is an amazing strategy game that puts you in the place of an evil mastermind that is plotting to destroy human kind. Your mission is to bring devastation with deadly viruses that will quickly spread across the world. Once the first victim is infected, it is up to you to ensure that the virus makes its way through the planet, developing strategies to win against anything that humankind may use to try to survive your attack. This game from Ndemic Creations is hugely enjoyable, challenging and it offers a lot of quality in term of graphics and story.googleplay

The Simpson Taped Out
This game lets you enjoy a crazy and intensely fun adventure with the world’s favourite TV families. Unsurprisingly, Homer get in trouble after accidentally causing a meltdown that destroys Springfield. Your task is to rebuild it from scratch and you can recreate all the wackiness and entertainment from The Simpson in this free-to-play game. Even though the games offers in-app purchases, you can disable this option and enjoy most of the game’s content without additional cost.googleplay

In Badland, he key of survival is to fly skilfully over the almost inhabited but world it presents. You will need to move carefully in order to avoid the obstacles that get into your path and that could cost the life of your flying blob character. Badland is atmospheric, beautifully strange and also fun in a dark way. You never know what is coming next and what sort of dangers await you but what is certain is that this award-winning game from Frogmind is innovative and highly entertaining.googleplay

Angry Birds Space
Angry Birds are anywhere so it’s no surprise that the popular series from Rovio makes it to space in this instalment. This time, the Angry Birds turn up on a whole new galaxy after chasing a giant claw that kidnapped their eggs. They will count with interstellar powers to defeat space pigs, while you enjoy trying out new tactics that the game introduces with each new planet. You will need to apply your strategic skills to make it through the game, which brings a lot of excitement. If you prefer to play without ads, you can upgrade to the premium version.googleplay

Dots is incredibly simple but its that simplicity what makes it highly addictive. All you need to do is to connect the dots of the same colour within 60 seconds. Once you link them, they will vanish from the screen and new dots will appear so you will need to continue connecting them until the time is up. It may sound repetitive but once you get into it, it will be very hard to stop. Besides there are different playing modes and you can share your results on Facebook and Twitter.googleplay

If you love a good quiz, you are going to fall for QuizUp. This well-known game will let you put your knowledge to the test in categories such as Ancient History, Art, Science, Movies and Sports. You can play against your friends or any of the 200 million users that have downloaded this app. The quiz rounds only take a few minutes to complete and since their questions and topics are constantly updated, you will always find a new challenge.googleplay

Star Wars:Tiny Death Star

This amusing offering from Disney Mobile, Lucasfilm and Nimblebit gives you the chance of reliving the action and excitement from Star Wars in an amusing pixel-art way. You can join the Dark Side and help Emperor Palpatine to build a colossal Death Star level by level. You can hire ewoks or wookies and get them to work in the Death Star. The game offers an entertaining challenge that you enjoy without paying. However, you can make things easier for you or unlock more options with in-app purchases.googleplay

Replica Island
The Android robot is the star of this open-source game that allows you to embark on a quest to find a precious power source on a distant island. This easy to play game offers a truly unique style with a retro-touch and a lot of fun. You can fly, jump and roll through the strange landscape of the island to reveal its secrets. Take over enemy robots to control their movement as you make it through 40 levels that come to 3 different conclusions.googleplay

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