Best Gadgets for a Healthy Lifestyle

Just because you are a big fan of technology does not mean that you are not willing to exercise and enjoy the outdoors. There are amazing gadgets that allow you to make the most of your physical activities by giving you all the information you need to measure your progress. With the help of these devices, you can monitor your routine to ensure that you are giving your body the number of workouts that it requires to stay in shape. Technology can be an ally to maintain your health, and this list of the best fitness devices will help you find the product that will allow you to exercise more effectively.

Fitbit Flex

This full-featured activity tracker can be worn on your wrist as a bracelet, or you can clip it on your bag or belt. It allows you to keep track of the steps you have taken, the number of calories burned, the distance you have traveled, and it can even determine how active you are and how good is your sleep. It also includes a silent alarm that wakes you up with a gentle vibration. Fitbit Flex is available for around $99.


BodyMedia took fitness technology to the next level with CORE 2. This device has four sensors that can track every minute of your body’s activity for a detailed report. The design is modern and stylish, allowing users to change the straps and bands to personalize the appearance of their device.  It also records an impressive 5000 data points per minute, ensuring that every activity that you complete during the day is tracked. CORE 2 offers a complete report so that you can tailor your workout needs. BodyMedia’s CORE 2 is available for just under $120.


Italian company Si14 produced WearIT, an Android-based smartwatch that allows users to connect to health monitoring devices using ANT plus protocol. You can sync WearIT with a compatible glucose meter, pedometer, or heart rate monitor for the most comprehensive fitness and health gadget. At $300, WearIT may seem like a pricy sports watch, but if you can afford it, it is a worthwhile investment.

Mio Alpha

With Mio Alpha, you can forget about bothersome straps or wires and enjoy the most comfortable heart health monitoring experience. Mio Alpha allows you to reach the right heart rate while you are exercising. It is lightweight and offers a continuous heart rate monitor, not to mention that it is compatible with multiple sports apps.  Get the most accurate strapless heart rate monitoring for just under $200.

On Headset

Listening to music while working out can help you stay motivated and keep up the rhythm, and thanks to iRiver’s On Headset, you will get more than just comfortable headphones. This wireless headset is compatible with Android/ iOS, and you can sync it with your smartphone to receive calls. It monitors your heart rate, physical location, speed, and other workout data. You get great quality of sound, easy-to-use volume controls as well as a fitness device. The price for this headset is under $200, which may seem expensive, but if you love listening to music while working out or you have to take calls while keeping up your exercise routine, it is a good option.


iBitz by GeoPalz is a fun way to teach children from an early age that health and fitness are important. The colorful design will appeal to kids and the fact that the pedometer gives them the chance to exchange steps for fun rewards like access to game apps and playtime. There is also a version for adults, which allows users to monitor the activity levels of every member of the family. The price is between $20 and $35.


Eating well is another important aspect of a healthy lifestyle, and with HAPIfork, you can follow good eating habits and keep track of the way you eat. It monitors how long you take to eat and lets you know if you are eating too fast. If you are watching your diet and want to make sure that you stick to small portions, HAPIfork is the gadget for you.  This smart fork is available in 5 colors (pink, blue, green, black, and white), and you can get it for around $80.

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