Best Free Tower Defense Games for iPad & iPhone

Tower defense games are quite popular and entertaining, as they allow players to put their strategy skills to the test. They are a great addition to your iPad and they can offer you a lot of fun as you try to stop the bad guys by setting up towers that will slow them down or destroy them. There is a large number of tower defense games available and they are very similar. However, some of them really stand out for offering great graphics, amusing characters or a twist that makes them unique. We found the most entertaining free tower defense games. All these games are ideal for your iPad, as you will be able to appreciate their details and features better with a larger screen.

This game is a well established title and it offers a great way to start your experience in the world of Tower Defense. The main focus of TapDefense is to make sure that the demons don’t get into heaven. There are over 40 levels, which is not high compared to other game but still quite challenging. You can earn money that can be used to buy towers and you will get interest on any remaining funds you have by the end of each wave. Upgrading means that you can get a higher percentage of interest on your funds, which will help you to get more and better towers.

The Creeps!
Anyone can relate to the story of the Creeps! After all, we all have been afraid of monsters living in the closet and the aim of the game is to stop them before they attack. The Creeps! also offers charming cartoon graphics and a variety of funny strategies to defeat the monsters. You get to use anything from flashlights to boomerangs as weapons to protect yourself. A very entertaining game that will satisfy long-time fans of Tower defense games, as well as those that are just starting to play them.

Spice Bandits
This time you need to battle against alien pirates that are obsessed with getting their hands on what is meant to be Earth’s most precious resource: Spice. You can defend the earth from the invaders through 55 levels and there are over 50 options to upgrade, so you can be sure that the game will not become monotone. Spice Bandits is designed for online multiplayer experience and you can enjoy the game with up to 7 other players simultaneously. The captivating graphics, amusing weapons and great selection of upgrades will make sure that you get hooked on this game.

Tower Madness Zero
An award-wining game that has earned its classic status thanks to its great visuals, impressive selection of weapons and options to apply your quick thinking in order to defeat evil aliens that are attacking your sheep. You can play with the usual “aerial” view or on first-person mode across the over 100 levels that the game offers. You can also share your gaming skills with your friends on Facebook. Regular updates ensure that TowerMadness Zero remains popular and if you prefer to further improve your gaming experience, you can get TowerMadness HD, the ad-free version for $4.99.

Bloons TD Battles
The Bloon series is well-known amongst fans of Tower Defense games and the TD Battles version is considered the best due to its solid multiplayer mode. There are 14 options to choose from when you want to compete with other players. You can also enjoy great graphics, thrilling attack options, defense boosts, amazing towers (including a submarine) and customization features.

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