Best Free Android Apps to Download Music

Listening to our favourite songs can lift our mood when we are feeling down or get us dancing when we are having a party. Technology has given us the chance to enjoy music anywhere we are and our mobile devices have become a portable jukebox. To create a great music library that is available in our smartphones or tablets whenever we need it, we have the possibility of downloading songs directly to these devices. If you have a high speed data plan or access to a Wi-Fi network, you can use the below apps to download music to your Android device. These are the best free apps for android to create a playlist that you can listen to anytime.

One of the best things about music is that it caters for any taste and thanks to Copyleft, those who prefer non-mainstream music will be able to find rare gems. The app from Nowickinusz gives you access to an extensive catalogue of classical music and songs that are not easily found. Copyleft allows you to manage your music library easily and with the built-in audio player you can enjoy your music at any time.

4shared Music
4Shared is one of the most popular file sharing and storage services available and it offers a convenient mp3 downloader app, which allows you to access music files from an impressive database. You can search for any song and download the file to your android device. This app from New IT Solutions also gives you up to 15GB space to upload your music files and enjoy them while you are on the go.

MP3 Music Downloader
With MP3 Music downloader, you will get unlimited access to a vast number of mp3 songs available online. Dreamzappz has created an amazing app that allows you to download and play songs from a wide selection of websites that offer great music for free. MP3 Music Downloader comes with convenient features like Song Preview, repeat/shuffle functions, lyrics to sing along and Drive friend touch control mode.

GTunes Music Download
Looking for music is quite easy with GTunes by rufusisten, an app that lets you download and play free mp3 files from an extensive selection of online sources such as and 7digital. The app has a very simple interface, but it offers access to a great music database and it allows you to batch download all the songs found. With GTunes you will be able to get even the most obscure songs and artists and you can download music to your SD card.

Music Download Paradise
An app that makes everything as pleasant and effortless as the name indicates. It all starts with an easy to use search engine that allows you to find any song that you wish for. You can select from millions of songs, including tunes made available on Soundcloud and audio files and download them with great speed. The app from sharondaskelto comes with a music player, download manager and it offers great functionality.

Easy MP3 downloader
When something claims to be easy, we expect a seamless experience that makes everything simple and thankfully, this app delivers. It helps you to search, download and play music files on your android phone without complications. You can even share music with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter or email. This app from Sofia Lex offers options to personalize your playlist and you can also preview a song before downloading it.

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