Best Equalizers for Android devices

While tablets and smartphones are great for listening to music, the sound may not be powerful enough to fill a room. Thankfully, you can improve the sound of your device by installing an equalizer. There is a large selection of apps that will allow you to enjoy high quality audio on your Android phone or tablet and the equalizers in this list are a good way to start enhancing the sound of your device.

Music Volume EQ

K&K design’s app offer a good set of features that will give you control over your Android device’s sound. You can enjoy music and sound from movies as it should be, thanks to functions like five band equalizer, nine equalizer presets, Bass Boost and Virtualizer effect. Music Volume EQ is a complete solution to adjust the volume across any player and to customize the sound options, making them suitable for your needs. You can play around with the app to discover great effects and to modify the sound according to what you are listening to.


Speaker Booster

A simple way to increase the audio capabilities of your device is using this app from Wait What. Speaker Booster offers an easy to use interface and gives you the chance of getting a better sound from your Android device. It uses advanced technology to magnify the volume, adding power to your speakers without damaging them. The app also gives you the option of adjusting the sound of specific notifications and system sounds. With Speaker Booster you will get a better audio for voice calls and alarms as well.


Music Equalizer
PerfectionHolic has developed a wonderful equalizer app that truly improves the sound quality of your mobile device. You can enjoy YouTube videos, music from your playlist and much more with incredible sound as the equalizer lets you adjust effects to get the best results. Features like Bass Boost and Virtualizer, are also present in Music Equalizer and you can also customize the sound according to your preferences, using the five band Equalizer controller. This is an equalizer that is easy to use and to access with the handy widget so you can adjust the volume while you enjoy your songs and videos.


Sound Booster
This app enables you to increase the volume of your phone with the touch of one button. It is simple, effective and offers multiple options that will allow to enjoy a powerful sound anywhere you are. With Sound Booster from Wolfie apps, you can expect a louder phone ring so you will hear any incoming call, even if your phone is in another room. It also boosts the volume while you are listening to music or watching video. Sound Booster is great for times when you need to maximize the volume and if you want to restore the sound to the usual level, simply close the app.



Music lovers can count on Smart Android Apps’ Equalizer to provide a fantastic sound experience no matter what genre they are listening to. You can adjust the sound effect levels and set equalizer presets for Classical music, Rock, Salsa, etc. Alternatively, you can customize the app with the five band Equalizer controller to get the result you prefer. Other effects available are Virtualizer, Bass Booster and Reverb Presets. Although the app seems to be affected by some bugs, it still offers a simple and complete sound solution for Android.


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