Best Database Apps for Android

They say that information is power, and technology has put a large amount of data within our reach. Anyone can access knowledge, or create their own data library, compiling important documents, photos, or songs that are meaningful.

Thanks to mobile devices, we can access information on the go. While the possibilities are endless, with an extensive number of files or lists, managing data effectively can be challenging.

Database apps for Android are a handy way to organize information on your mobile device. This is one of the important things that are taken into account in mobile app development. We have listed the best database apps for Android users that want to get greater control over their data.


LuckyDroid’s Memento is a versatile personal database app for Android users. It will suit anyone who needs to store multiple types of data on their devices. Its flexibility ensures that any user can enjoy great features for a wide selection of purposes.

You can customize your data libraries at your convenience. Using the app to create lists of expenses, business inventory, collection of books, and much more. Organizing your data with Memento will allow you to access it easily whenever you need it.

This free app lets you add entries, set data fields, organize, search information, and share it without any hassle. It is a comprehensive tool that also enables you to sync and edit records on your PC.

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HanDBase Database Manager

With this app by DDH Software, users can collect, organize, and get access to their information at all times.

HanDBase is easy to use and includes all the functions required to manage your data efficiently. It offers an extensive range of customization options, making it a practical solution for many situations.

HandBase Database Manager can help you with tasks lists, shopping lists, deliveries, inventory, billing information, contact management, and anything else you may need. Creating a database that meets your needs is simple, and you can select the fields that better suit you.

Furthermore, the app also supports quick search and 128 Bit encryption to secure chosen fields/databases. You can download it for $9.99 USD.

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My Data

For those who want to keep things simple, this app by PortoFarina is a convenient choice that allows you to create, edit, or backup databases on your Android device.

The databases are stored using SQLite format in a “My Data” folder, and you can set up shortcuts to specific tables in the Android launcher.

My Data also lets you share database files via email or cloud services or import/export tables in CSV format.

To keep your information secure, you can password protect and encrypt tables. If a database is deleted, a backup is done automatically, so you will not lose information.

My Data is a great solution to keep track of your collections, inventory, or anything you need. You can get it for free.

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MobiDB Database Designer Lite

Whether you are a movie collector or a shop owner, organizing lists is important. MobiDB is designed to help you to catalog information without complications.

This free app from Perpetuum software makes managing information easy, and it lets you use customization options and 19 pre-set templates to create databases that match your specific requirements.

The convenient data entry, search, and filter functions allow you to organize and access your data according to the type of details included.

It is possible to create simple lists or complex relational databases. You can layout fields in the way that you prefer, and it supports autocomplete text entry.

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Easy Database

This useful app will allow you to manage various data types on your Android device even if you are not connected to the internet.

You can organize anything from suppliers lists, contacts, events, pricing, your collections, and anything else you want.

Even though Easy Database is still in the Beta stage, it has everything that you need to create, edit, or delete tables, and you can export results to PDF files. It also supports table relationships, GPS fields, and you can add entries that have files attached, including photos or videos.

Easy Database’s app also allows you to import CSV data from MySQL, Excel, Access, and OpenOffice. The app is free to download.

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