Best Car Chargers for iPhone 4/4s

The iPhone 4/4s offers a lot of useful features but due to all the power-consuming apps and options, the battery life dies out very fast. Having to recharge the iPhone frequently is not a major downside, after all, you get to enjoy all the apps and functions that this great device can offer. Furthermore, there are many great charging accessories that will help you to ensure that your iPhone stays active when you need it.

If you are usually going from one place to another, you will need a charging option that can go with you anywhere. A car charger is a practical accessory that enjoys a high level of popularity thanks to its portability and convenience. The below car chargers offer quality, reliability and will ensure that you can charge your iPhone 4/4s while you are on the go.


Griffin’s PowerJolt is one of the most popular car chargers for the iPhone, thanks to its sleek design and energy-saving features. It includes a detachable cable that allows you to connect the charger to the Lightning connector of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. You can also use the cable to connect your device to the USB port of your computer. Powerjolt offers exceptional quality in performance and design for $29.99 and you can get it for even less on Amazon.

Belkin Micro Charger 2.1 A

Belkin is a brand known for creating products designed to offer a high level of quality and convenience. It is sleek and very practical, making it an ideal option for road trips. Its green light can be a bit too intense but it is a powerful charger that can boost your iPhone’s battery quite fast.

The Micro Charger 2.1 A costs $24.99 but you may be able to get it for as low as $13 from Amazon.

Just Wireless Car Charger

The Just Wireless Car Charger for Apple is designed to suit iOS devices such as iPod Touch (second generation), iPod Nano (3rd and 4th Gen), and of course, iPhone. This compact gadget has a red light charging indicator and thanks to its 2.1 Amp power, it will not take too long to get your iPhone charged.

The price range for this charger is $5.99 (Amazon) to $19.99 (Apple).

iLuv IAD219 Dual USB Car Charger

iLuv is known for its attention to detail and unique design of its products. It is compatible with iPod as well and it has dual USB ports that allow you to charge two devices at the same time, making it a convenient option for long trips. It is a practical and beautiful car charger that will allow you to get your battery back in no time. Price: $9.99.

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