Best Calendar Apps for iPhone

Managing your schedule and remembering birthdays and other special events are important tasks, but diaries and printed calendars have become rare as most people are relying in technology to keep track of their days. Calendar apps are a practical way to stay on top of your daily commitments as you can easily set reminders, create to-do lists and save memo notes. Here we will show you some of the most convenient calendar apps available for your iPhone.

Agenda Calendar
This app by Savvy Apps is everything that a calendar should be: simple, flexible and effortless. It keeps you on top of everything that you need to do through the day without interrupting your tasks. Agenda Calendar allows you to customize your calendar view to ensure that you can easily access the information that you really need. You can download this fast and efficient calendar solution for $1.99 USD.

Week Calendar
WeekCal B.V offers an app that helps you to manage your day without any hassle, thanks to a clear and comprehensive overview of your day, week, month and year. Week Calendar is user friendly and allows you to get a better control over your schedule with options like assigning colours to organize your tasks according to their importance. This is a practical way to identify what has priority with just a quick look at your calendar. It is available to download for just $1.99 USD.

MiCal is a complete calendar solution for anyone that is looking for an easy way to organize their schedule. The app lets you create events quickly just by describing them thanks to natural language. With the help of Siri, you can use your voice and instantly add an appointment. MiCal by entwicklungsschmiede UG &Co KG is also great for travelling as it helps you to plan journeys and prepare for your trip. It is available for $1.99 USD.

Easy Calendar
The easy calendar app from T.van Zummeren really delivers on its promise by offering a hassle-free way of planning your day and ensuring that you never miss any special occasions. With only a few taps, you will be able to create events and set up reminders. You can get one week and three week views to stay on top of your schedule. The app is available for $1.99 USD and there are also in-app purchases starring at $0.99 to enjoy additional features like Holiday calendar.

Calvetica is an app from Mysterious Trousers that provides a fast and useful calendar with great features. You can customize the calendar’s appearance, personalize app alerts and create iCal files to share events with others via email and SMS. It also offers attendee and contact management as well as the possibility of synchronizing with multiple platforms. Calvetica can be downloaded for $2.99 USD.

Awesome Calendar
Awesome Calendar by YunaSoft Inc does justice to its name by offering an incredibly easy and well designed solution to organize your time. It is perfect to keep an eye on work projects or for remembering personal commitments. It packs a solid set of features that will help you to make sure that things get done and that you stay up to date with important events. Awesome Calendar can be yours for $3.99 USD.

Pocket Informant
This app from Web Information Solutions gives you the convenience of keeping your to-do list, notes and schedule in the same location. It offers great features like the ability to type or speak to set up appointments and reminders. Thanks to TravelAssist you can easily manage timezone changes. While you can download a free version, in order to get all the functionality that this app offers, you would need to upgrade to Premium for $14.99 USD.

Cal by Any.DO is an award-winning app that features a unique and easy to use interface. Creating an event with Cal is simple as the app is highly intuitive and can recognize quickly the appointments that you want to set up. This remarkable free app offers a convenient solution to manage your tasks and it is also visually appealing. With Cal you get a clear overview of your daily activities and you will never miss any important events.

Flexibits Inc presents Fantastical, an app that helps you to set up reminders and schedule appointments in an easy and even fun way. The app is not only visually stunning, but also includes an impressive set of features that make it one of the most powerful calendar apps available. The app includes complete details for your events, including a map to show the location. The app is currently available for $2.99 USD.

UNIQLO Calendar
One of the things that people still love about printed calendars is the beautiful pictures that adorn many of them. With UNIQLO you will enjoy a fully functional calendar app that includes amazing images and clips from Japan, as well as enchanting music. UNIQLO is a free and unique calendar app that will help you to organize your day while you enjoy a great visual experience.

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