Best Bose Earphones

Music can fill your day with energy and if you are feeling down, it has the power of cheering you up. Technology has enabled us to bring music with us wherever we go and thanks to earphones, we can listen to our favourite songs all day without disturbing others. Since earphones are lightweight and small, they are the perfect accessory for those who want to enjoy music while they run but they are also great for work or public transport. With a top quality set you can expect comfort and amazing sound, which is exactly what Bose offers. This manufacturer has gained recognition for creating products that guarantee a great listening experience. For many, Bose is synonym of remarkable audio and the company counts with great earphones that will allow you to enjoy music on the go or to take calls with optimum sound. While Bose’s products are not exactly affordable, the high quality they offer justify the prices. Here are some of the best Bose earphones that you can get.

SiE2i Sport Headphones
Apart from getting good shoes and a comfortable outfit, many sports fanatics count comfortable headphones as a must-have accessory to enjoy their exercise routine. Bose delivers an ideal option for gym-goers with the SIE2i, which are sweat and weather resistant thanks to the hydrophobic acoustic cloth that protects them from humidity. They are designed to fit perfectly on your ear and to remain in place even under the highest impact workouts. The inline remote/microphone function allows you to control volume and manage your calls without interrupting your exercise. The price for the SiE2i starts at $99 and they are available in Blue, Green, Purple and Orange.

With the MIE2i you can enjoy excellent quality of sound for your calls and music at all times. These earphones are specifically designed for Apple devices like iPhone and iPod. Their StayHear tips ensure the best level of comfort and stability so that you can continue listening to music while you run or move. The 3-button inline remote controls enable you to control volume and take calls without any hassle. If you need a lightweight, practical and tip quality headset to enjoy the best listening experience while you are on the go, MIE2i is the right option. They can be yours for $129.95.

The attractive design of the FreeStyle ear buds will get your attention immediately, but it is the clear sound what makes them one of the best sound accessories from Bose. They are comfortable and stay in place throughout the toughest exercise routines so you can enjoy your music for longer. They are made to last and will suit those with an active lifestyle. The inline microphone remote controls allow you to switch from calls to music while you continue focusing on your workout. For $129.95 you can enjoy comfort, versatility and a cool style.

The QuietComfort series offer top noise reduction technology and the QC20 model is an impressive solution to enjoy outstanding sound quality, no matter where you are. These earphones are perfect for use with mobile phones and thanks to their comfortable design, they suit anyone who wants to listen to music while they exercise. By turning off the Aware mode, you can block external sound to focus on your music or your calls. Turning this option on means that you can hear what goes around you without the need of removing the earphones altogether. With the QC20 you can also answer or reject calls, turn up/down the volume easily using the practical control buttons. At $299 USD, they are on the high end of the price scale but if you want to enjoy top technology and amazing sound, it would be a worthy investment.

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