Best Bike Mounts for iPhone 5/5S

Portability and convenience are just some of the best aspects of a mobile device and there are many accessories that take advantage of these characteristics. When you are on the go, you need to have your phone handy, which means that you need a practical way to carry your device. iPhone users are spoiled for choice when it comes to accessories to bring their devices with them wherever they go. These gadgets are also designed to offer a solution for users, whether they travel by car or by bike. Since bikes are a popular transport option thanks to their affordability and sustainability, it makes perfect sense that manufacturers offer products that suit iPhone users that cycle.

Bike mounts are very useful and allow users to access many features on their iPhone conveniently. You can keep track of your bike ride or access GPS functions easily with them. They are also ideal for using your device’s camera to take pictures or record video while you are cycling. The mains things to look for in a bike mount are security and flexibility. It should keep your iPhone protected from rain or dust and also hold it safe in place to avoid that it falls. Here are the best bike mounts that will enable you to enjoy your iPhone 5/5S experience, while you cycle to work or while you are touring in your bike.

BikeConsole Bike Mount
Tigra’s BikeConsole is ideal for those who use their bikes for extreme sports, under the harshest weather conditions. It keeps your iPhone protected thanks to its shock resistant and waterproof characteristics. It is built using durable materials to provide a case and mount systems that is not only convenient but also strong. It has a dual lock option to ensure that the case is kept in its place and the mount offers 360 degree rotation, for maximum viewing versatility. You can get yours for $39.99 USD.

Topeak Ridecase
Topeak offers a case that is resistant and flexible, making it ideal for enjoying a wide variety of functions in your iPhone as you cycle. It is convenient for GPS navigation, listening to your favourite songs or to access heart rate apps. The Ridecase protects your iPhone and integrates with the fully angle adjustable Stem Cap Mount to keep your phone in place while you are cycling. It enables landscape or portrait orientation viewing and the practical QuckClick mounting system ensures that you can remove the RideCase with your iPhone is just a matter of seconds. It is available for $29.95 USD.

Lifeproof Bike & Bar Mount
If you already have LifeProof’s case for your iPhone 5/5S, you can get the Bike & Bar Mount and enjoy a practical solution for carrying your device while you are on the go. The LifeProof case allows you to get easy access to all the functions in your iPhone, while keeping it protected. Combined with the Bike & Bar Mount, which is made of nylon for added flexibility, you can adjust your iPhone to your bike, motorcycle or even jet ski. The price for the mount is between $20.99 (Amazon) and $39.99 USD.

QuadLock Bike Mount PRO
Designed to be lightweight but strong enough to protect your iPhone 5/5S, the Bike Mount PRO is the complement to the QuadLock Case. The dual locking mechanism enables this bike mount to hold securely an iPhone that is already equipped with the Quad Lock system. The Bike Mount PRO is made to last and can be attached to the bike’s handlebar very quickly. While it keeps the iPhone protected and stable, it also allows you to remove it easily from the mount. You can get the Bike kit, which includes the QuadLock Case and the Bike Mount Pro for $69.95 or if you already have the QuadLock Case, you can get only the Bike Mount for $29.95.

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