Best Battery Saving / Battery Management Apps for Android

Android devices are incredibly useful and with the impressive amount of apps available, the options to enjoy everything that your smartphone or tablet offer, are practically endless. However, there is something that could prevent you from making the most out of your Android experience and that is running out of battery.

Smartphones and tablets enable us to complete a wide variety of tasks and to access a large number of applications and services. The problem is that this versatility takes its toll on the battery life. Fortunately, there are options to reduce battery drainage and ensure that you can rely on your Android device whenever you need it. Here you will find some of the most effective battery management apps for Android.

Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor by Cheetah Mobile claims to extend your Android device’s battery life up to 50% and millions of user trust this app. It is one of the best rated options available and it works by identifying the apps and functions that are using up your battery. You can adjust or deactivate the application that is draining your battery and you will know how much power is left for specific functions like playing games or using internet. Battery Doctor can give you detailed information about the battery status and its exclusive 3 Stage Charging system, allows you to improve the way you power up your Android device. This is a free and comprehensive solution to regulate the battery life of your phone or tablet.


Latedroid offers an app that hasconvenient features designed to improve the battery life of your Android device. JuiceDefender gives you a clear overview of the applications that are draining the battery and it helps you to manage them effectively. You can adjust settings to automatically enable or disable functions like Wi-Fi or 3G/4G, once the battery is reduced to a determined percentage. JuiceDefender lets you preserve the battery life for longer so you can enjoy all the communication, entertainment and productivity options that your phone offers without having to recharge too frequently. It also allows you to control CPU, Wi-Fi and Mobile Data speed. You can download it for free.

My Battery Drain Analyser

This app from Wazabe is a smart and convenient way to prevent battery drainage. My Battery Drain Analyser lets you find out which apps are consuming a high amount of power, offering a greater control over your device’s battery resources. It gives you access to statistics and reports to identify the apps that are using up the battery, how long your battery lasts on a single charge and how much is left before it dies out. Once you know what is killing the device’s power, you can activate, or disable functions and applications that are affecting the battery life. My Battery Drain Analyser is available for free.

DU Battery Saver

This is one of the most popular battery savers for Android and it also works as power manager. This free app by DU Apps Studio is designed to enhance the efficiency of your device’s battery and it will also extend its life. The app has default options (smart pre-set battery power management modes) to control battery consumption, but it is also possible to customize the battery saving modes to suit your needs. There is a Fast Saver mode that will notify you about any battery power saving issues. DU Battery Saver also offers solutions to address battery drainage and optimize your device’s power.

Easy Battery Saver

If you are tired of having to charge your phone’s battery constantly, Easy Battery Saver from 2Easy Team is another app to consider. Running out of battery is very inconvenient, but thanks to this app you will be able to save power and extend the battery life of your device. As the name indicates, this is a very easy solution that enables you to manage the battery life efficiently. The app can adjust functions that are known to consume a large amount of power (such as screen brightness and network connectivity) and manages them smartly to preserve the battery for longer. There are four pre-set saving modes, as well as advanced options to customize saving modes according to your needs. You can get it for free.

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