Best Astronomy Apps for iPhone and iPad

The stars, the moon and other celestial objects have intrigued us for thousands of years and although nowadays we know more about them and have a better understanding about astronomical events, they still fascinate us. You may not be able to hold the universe in your hands, but you can use your iPhone or iPad to access information about some of the most amazing events in the sky. There are great astronomy apps that give you access to interesting details about eclipses, asteroids, planets, constellations and much more. Here are some of the best options to explore the universe with just a few taps on your iDevice screen.

Solar Walk

Solar Walk by Vito Technology Inc. is a fantastic app to learn about the solar system through an interactive experience. It offers a 3D solar system model that allows you to explore planets, see their position on certain date and discover details about their movement. It is a great educational tool that provides extensive information and detailed views of all the planets and satellites. Solar Walk includes data about every planet’s mass, size, orbital velocity, exploratory missions and much more. The app can be downloaded for $2.99 USD in the App Store and additional features are available from $0.99.

Star Walk

Vito Technology Inc. offers another remarkable app that serves as an interactive guide to the captivating world of astronomy. By launching the app and pointing your device at the night sky, you will be able to discover the astronomical objects that are above you. The app updates in real-time as you move from one point to another, ensuring that you get the precise location of constellations, satellites and more. With Star Walk, you can also access information about the stars, planets and everything that is visible during your walk and there is also a calendar of astronomical events so you won’t miss any eclipse or other beautiful phenomena. The app is available for $2.99 USD.

Starmap Pro

Astronomers or those who are passionate about astronomy should consider Starmap Pro by Fredd, an app that offers a professional sky atlas with over 2,500,000 stars. The app gives you the possibility of using an advanced sky navigation tool that has been designed by an expert in the field. The app offers a variety of features such as meteor zone, moon phase calendar, astronomical events reminders and automatic selection of the most observable objects. You can download Starmap Pro for $16.99 USD and there are multiple in-app purchases that give you additional options for $0.99.

Galaxy Collider

With Galaxy Collider from Angisoft, you will be able to explore the possibilities of interaction between galaxies. The app uses the build-in accelerometer in your iDevice and advanced technology to calculate the factors behind gravitational interaction between galaxies and it can simulate spectacular collisions. The app is a great tool to discover the physics of these interactions and get an overview of the amazing events that happen in the universe. The cost for downloading Galaxy Collider is just $0.99 USD.


Exoplanet offers comprehensive information about planets and stars in our solar system and beyond. Its interactive visualizations and animation provide a realistic experience that allows you to explore our universe. This app from Hanno Rein is continuously updated, making sure that you get accurate information and details about the latest discoveries. You can point your iPhone towards the sky to find an exoplanet and the app will offer you a great deal of background information and detection methods. The app is available for free but there are in-app purchases to access more options

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