The Best Apps for Wi-Fi calling

If you want to find an alternative to make calls using your mobile without worrying about a monstrous bill, the best place to look is in App for Wi-Fi calling. They offer a great option to save money while you call to any destination using a Wi-Fi connection and you do not even need a 3G or 4G network. These are the top choices when it comes to apps that allow you to make phone calls from your smartphone using Wi-Fi.

With Pinger, you can make calls to mobiles or landlines using Wi-Fi calling on your Android smartphone. The app will assign you a unique phone number that lets you make calls or send text messages to any number in the United States and Canada. There is no need to pay for a plan and others do not need to have Pinger or even a smartphone in order to be able to receive your call. Pinger users can call or text each other from any country in the world using a Wi-Fi connection.

You can use iCall in a variety of devices including iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets. If you receive a regular call on your smartphone, you can switch it to Wi-Fi, to control roaming charges and the app works even if there is no mobile signal. You can also receive call when the app is not running.

This app was launched last year and it allows you to make free calls from your smartphone to other KaKaoTalk users. You do not need to register or create a username as once the app is installed, it uses the mobile phone number to identify if the person you want to contact has the service. You can get KakaoTalk for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry and it also works with 3G networks.
You can use this app to make VoIP calls with your Android phone or tablet. It also offers prepaid mobile wireless telephone service without contracts, topups, plans or maintenance fees. WiCall works using the Wi-Fi connection that you are connecting to, on order to make VoIP calls from your Android device.

Rebtel makes Wi-Fi call simple. The majority of Rebtel users can make free Wi-Fi calls right after they got the app and it intuitively switches between 3G and Wi-Fi smoothly, as it identifies the one that is offering the best connection at a particular time. It is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets, as well as Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone and PCs as well as landlines.

Wi-Fi calling is a practical way of reducing your phone bills and staying in touch with friends and family abroad without worrying about roaming charges. The five apps we presented give you the chance of making calls with great sound from your smartphone or tablets using Wi-Fi connection, wherever it is available.

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