Best Apps for Social Deals

Social deal apps allow you to save some money while having a delicious dinner in a restaurant, enjoying drinks in a popular nightclub or getting a beauty treatment. You can even get discounts on holidays and events. In summary, they are a great way of enjoying all the good things in life at a discounted price. It is possible to get vouchers as a gift so you can treat someone you love with some pampering time or a lovely night out.

Groupon is the most popular app of its kind and one that counts with an attractive selection of offers including Getwaway travel deals and Instant deals with the Now! real-time feature. The app displays relevant deals based on your location to ensure that you can take advantage of all the entertainment and services available near you. The Groupon app also alerts you about your unused vouchers so that you can use them before they expire. You can download the Groupon app for free for Android, Windows Phone, iOS and Blackberry.




If you are looking for great deals, LivingSocial is the answer. With their app, you will get daily notifications about the best offers and you can buy coupons using your mobile device. You will also get map alerts about places for which you have unused vouchers. LivingSocial app is free to download and it is available for Android and iOS.

Even though this app is only available in a few cities across the United States, they offer a good range of discounts and give users a week to decide if they want to buy the deal selected and if three friends or relatives purchase the deal at the same time, you get it for free. It is available for free in Android and iOS.

Available for iOS and Android, Shopkick is a free app that allows you to get discounts when you are in a store. While it does not work on the same way as Living Social or Groupon, it also allows you to save money with special points whenever you visit a shop that has partnered with Shopkick. These points are called “kicks” and users can redeem them for vouchers and gift cards that allow them to get meals in restaurants or even electronics.

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