Best iOS Apps for Architects

Technology can help architects to bring life to their vision. Mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone have become indispensable for these professionals as they offer many useful options for their work. Architects can enjoy many benefits when using iDevices, particularly the iPad, which offers a practical way of completing tasks – Such as creating floor plans or exporting designs – thanks to the great selection of apps available in the App Store. These apps enable architects to use tools like CAD anywhere they are, giving them more freedom to create amazing spaces and to design beautiful buildings while they are on the go. Here are some of the most practical iOS apps for architects.

Sensopia’s app is a simple solution to measure floors accurately and to draw floor plans by taking pictures. Once you capture images of a room using your camera, MagicPlan can create floor plans that you can share for free with other app users. You can add notes, objects and other details, and MagicPlan will allow you to create an inside map of the space in only a few minutes. MagicPlan is a practical app that saves you the hassle of measuring or moving furniture around a room. The app is available for free but if you want to get your map in JPG, PDF or other formats, you can upgrade with in-app purchases that range from $3.79 to $124.99 USD.

AutoCAD 360
This is the official AutoCAD mobile app that gives you the possibility of working on your designs wherever you are. Autodesk offers an easy to use tool that lets you view, edit and share AutoCAD drawings. It is a very practical option that offers features such as design review and mark-up tools that can be used online or offline, so you do not require internet access to complete your tasks. The sharing functionality ensures that others can access your drawings through desktop, mobile devices and web. You can download AutoCAD 360 for free, but there is also a Pro subscription plan that provides further features and powerful options. The prices start at $4.99 USD for a monthly subscription and go up to $99.99 for an annual subscription to the Pro Plus plan, which supports advanced tools.

SketchBook Express for iPad
Another great app from Autodesk is SketchBook Express, which allows you to use advanced tools and brushes for your draws. The app is not only suitable for architects but for anyone that wants to create sketches wherever they go. Sketchbook is easy to use and it works in full screen mode in any device orientation. You can also get detailed view with its impressive 2500% zoom capacity. There is a wide selection of drawing tools and colours to choose from. It also allows you to capture an image and edit it within the app. SketchBook is free but you can get additional tools like professional and art brushes, as well as stamps for $0.99 USD.

Architect’s Formulator
This app from Multieducator Inc, is specifically designed for architects. It offers over 400 formulas from their other apps: Electrical, Carpentry and Plumbing, ensuring that architects can access all the information that they may need for their work. You will be able to find formulas for anything from soil filling and brick placing to swimming pools and sidewalks. It also includes acoustics, beams and vertical shear formulas. This is a comprehensive solution for any Architect and Multieducator aims to add even more formulas to its app. It is available for $9.99 USD.

Design Observer is recognized as one of the most important websites in the field of architecture and design. The site offers articles and information about visual culture, social innovation and urbanism. With this background, it is not a surprise to see that their app has become a popular option for artists that want to access relevant content from their iDevice. Design Observer offers news and articles that can be browsed by author or topic. The app serves as a source of information that will help architects to stay up to date with the latest events and technology advances that have an impact for their career. The app is free to download and even though it doesn’t offer the option to share the content on social media, it is still a must-have for anyone interested in the visual arts.

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