Top Free Android Video Editor Apps

Android phones offer versatility and convenience and have become essential tools for business, travel and creativity. Photographers, designers and anyone who loves capturing images can take advantage on the practical camera that comes with their phone. Since smartphone manufacturers aim to upgrade the cameras on these devices with every model that is launched in the market, the quality of photos and videos captured with a mobile device keeps getting better and better.

Some of these cameras are capable of taking amazing HD videos that you can transform into true works of art with the help of a good video editing tool. The apps in our list will give you the features that you need to enhance your videos without additional cost and you can use them anywhere you are. These are the best free Android video editor apps.

Magisto Video Editor and Maker
This popular video editor is quite easy to use and even if you have no experience with video editing, you will be able to create great clips following a few simple steps. Magisto is smart, intuitive and it helps you to organize your videos and photos to ensure that the end result looks professional. You can choose the images and clips that you would like to use, as well as audio tracks for the video. The app will analyse the content and will display the best images, adding special effects to match the music and image/video selection. Magisto is a convenient solution for creating clips for YouTube.

FxGuru – Movie FX Director

You can truly explore your creativity and feel like a professional movie editor with this app from Picadelic. FxGuru is designed to let your imagination come to live by allowing you to use stunning special effects to create videos that will scare, shock and entertain your friends. The exclusive MotionMatch technology adds impressive realism to your videos while you are filming them. You can use free or paid sound and visual effects from a wide selection that includes animals, robots, aliens, evil creatures, explosions and more. This is a fantastic app that will suit aspiring directors and anyone who loves to add a touch of horror or sci-fi to their videos.

AndroVid Video Editor
Zeoxy offers an app that makes video editing simple and that also provides a good selection of features. With AndroVid you can trim your videos, add music or text, create slideshows and more. You can easily delete middle parts from your videos or split a video file into two different clips. It is also possible to merge multiple videos into one clip of up to 30 seconds of length (the Pro version allows for additional time) and to apply effects like fades between shots.

VidTrim – Video Trimmer

This video editing app developed by GoSeet is easy to use and works perfectly for anyone who needs a basic app to cut parts of a video. Although some advanced features are missing, VidTrim allows you to take stills from a video and to reduce the duration time of your videos. The app also has useful options like frames, tools to compress, ability to extract audio from videos and convert it to mp3 format, as well as some visual effects. The app offers users a simple way to edit their video clips before sharing them with friends via email or uploading them to YouTube.

With MovieAid from ASTI, you can combine the videos and photos stored on your phone to create your own movie. You can transform images into video clips with the help of transition effects, text subtitles and background music. It also allows you to delete parts from videos and to replace the noise in the original video with music or voice recording. This is perfect for videos recorded outdoors as it makes sure that cars passing by or annoying sounds in the background, cannot ruin your video. The app also lets you share your creations via YouTube or Facebook.

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