Best Android Apps to Watch Free Movies

Enjoying a good movie on your Android mobile device during a long commute is possible thanks to the best streaming services that are available online. Not only you can watch videos and movies but also TV series using a 3G connection or Wi-Fi network. Many apps that allow you to watch movies are free, so you don’t have to spend anything in order to access the best entertainment online. These are the best apps that allow you to watch movies on android smartphones and tablets.


Netflix-App-LogoNetflix is recognized as a leading subscription service for watching TV series and films on your devices. The Netflix app offers a extensive catalogue of entertainment that you can enjoy wherever you are. They have extended their services to Europe, meaning that more users around the world can enjoy their features. Apart from watching movies and TV series online, you have the option of managing your Netflix queue to select and remove the movies that don’t appeal to you and opt for the titles that you prefer.

If you already have a subscription to Netflix set up, you can enjoy the app for free as part of the service and enjoy content on the go. If you have not tried Netflix yet, you can avail of their free trial to discover what they can offer. With Netflix you can enjoy unlimited access to movies, including some of the latest titles for a low monthly fee. You can instantly watch all the episodes of their original TV series, as well as movies on your android tablet or smartphone. Another benefit is that when you rate the movies you watch, the app will take the rating into consideration to make suggestions based in the titles you liked the most. You can enjoy Netflix’s services for around $7.99 per month and the app is available for free in Google Play Store.



FlixsterWith Flixster you can stream or download movies and watch movie trailers for upcoming titles. It also allows you to share movie ratings with your friends online and to see what they are watching. Flixster lets you access DVD releases, read reviews or find what is on cinema now and get tickets to watch the latest movies released on the big screen. Flixster gives you the chance of discovering new movie titles, it is easy to use and offers a wide variety of good features to ensure that you can enjoy watching movies on your Android device. Flixster also works with UltraViolet, a system that lets you store your collection of movies and TV shows in the cloud and access them from wherever you are. You can get the Flixster app for free in Google Play and the first full-length movie you stream/download comes without a cost for users in the United States.



CrackleCrackle offers a selection of full-length movies, TV shows and original series that you can watch on your tablet or smartphone using a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. Youu can always pick up from where you left off, so you don’t have to start again or fast forward to catch up. What sets Crackle apart from other apps is that there is not any subscription fee required to enjoy their content, which is regularly updated.

The app works in US, Canada, Australia and Latin America, offering a wide variety of titles, including comedy series produced by them. The app is free to download and to use, but that also means that you have to put up with a lot of ads. Still, the fact that they are a subsidiary of Sony, ensures that you get access to the Sony pictures and Columbia TV series catalogue.


While IMDb is not designed for watching films, it is a crucial app for movie buffs as it offers a comprehensive list of films produced across the world, including details of those that are in production. It also offers information about what is on cinemas at the moment, as well as show times based on your location. You can organize a watch list to keep track of every title you have seen and it also provides links to Amazon to buy movies. If you want to learn more about your favourite directors, actors, producers or other professionals in the movie industry, you can access IMDb’s extensive database.

With IMDb you can browse titles, actors and other crew members through their vast catalogue, as well as reading movie reviews from other critics and other users. You will get access to movie show times in theatres near you, as well as quotes, interesting details and goofs about your favourite movies. IMDb is also a great source of information for upcoming productions, as well as lists of the best movies ever made. Each entry for a film and TV series provides a list of cast and crew, trivia information, plot summary and information about filming location, release dates and even budget. Share your favourite films and ratings online and stay up to date with the world of cinema with this free app.


You Peliculas

You PeliculasThis free Android app uses YouTube crawlers to find movies and series that are hosted on the popular streaming website. Then they give you a list of videos available publicly that you can watch online. Only the movies and TV series with the best quality are selected and the content is organized according to its popularity to ensure that you can enjoy hours of entertainment in your Android device.

With You Peliculas, you can easily find movies and TV series in Spanish and English, thanks to their movies search engine. The content is loaded fast and the simple interface ensures that you can find a free high quality movie quickly and just click to start watching it. You can get the You Peliculas app for free at


Sky Go

This app is available for free for Sky subscribers and it gives access to movies, documentaries and TV series to watch on your smartphone or tablet. You can stream content on demand whenever you want or watch what is being broadcasted at the time. Sky Go is convenient for Sky users that want to be able to watch their favourite series and enjoy a movie while they are not at home. If you already have Sky, you can get the app on their website, with no additional cost.


Movie Vault

Finding mainstream movies should not be a problem but if you want to get access to old, obscure titles, Movie Vault is the place to go. You can stream thousands of high quality full-length movies and the search engine is easy to use. Simply, look for the movie title, genre, director, actor or if you do not remember the exact names, you can use a keyword.

This will enable you to find the cover art of the film, along with a brief plot summary. The app is regularly updated with new titles and you can save movies in queue to watch them later or you can pause and then continue from where you left off. The app costs $1.99 in Google Play but once you pay this amount, you can stream content for free without additional fees.


Popcorn Horror

This is the ideal app for Horror fans who want to enjoy full-length movies on their Android tablet or smartphone. Popcorn horror allows aspiring filmmakers to submit their short films. You can rate movies, add or browse through famous lines in horror movies and get wallpapers to add a touch of fear to your device. It is also possible to discuss your favourite movies with other horror lovers. You can get alerts when a new movie is uploaded to their database. Downloading Popcorn Horror is free but they also have a premium service for access to more features.


Crunchyroll offers you the possibility of watching classic episodes, as well as the latest seasons of top Anime series. You can enjoy the best of anime for free including series like Bleach, Hunter X Hunter and many more or try their Premium service for 14 days without paying. The Premium service gives you the possibility of watching the latest episodes of your favourite series without ads and just one hour after they have been broadcasted in Japan.



India’s answer to Hollywood, Bollywood is one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) producers of films in the world. If you enjoy their colourful comedies, their thrilling action movies and more, you need to get BigFlix. This app allows you to access movies on demand in languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu and English. Downloading the apps is free and the latest titles are available in a pay-per-view basis, with prices around $1.99.


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