Best AirPlay Speaker

AirPlay allows you to stream content from your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or a computer that runs iTunes, wirelessly. If you want to enjoy the best sound for your music and movies, the best complement is a good pair of speakers. There is an array of models in the market nowadays, which means that you have more chances to find one that suits you. However, a wide selection can also make it difficult to choose the right speaker for your needs. We hope that this list will help you to narrow down the options. These are the best speakers for AirPlay.

Libratone LT-300-US-1001 Zipp
Libratone LT-300-US-1001 ZippThe Libratone Zipp may not be impressive in terms of sound, but it offers simplicity and portability. Its lightweight design featuring a handle and a battery that lasts up to 4 hours with the wireless option, make this speaker a practical option while you are on the go. With the PlayDirect feature, you can stream content from your iOS devices without requiring a Wi-Fi network. Even if you are camping, or enjoying a sunny day at the beach, you will be able to enjoy music. However, the sound is good enough for listening to your tunes in the living room, but it doesn’t offer enough power to get the party started.


The exterior of the Zipp is a cover that you can remove and there is a selection of colours to change the look of the speaker. The Zipp is available in red or salty grey, but if you want to get additional covers to give a new appearance to your speaker, you can buy one of the Collections, which include three different covers. The Classic Collection includes black, red and blue covers, while the Funky Collection let’s you change the cover to fuchsia, black and yellow. The Soul Collection comes with red, black and grey covers. The standard Zipp with only cover is currently available for just under $400, but you can find the Collections for around $385, which means they are a better value at the moment.

JBL Authentics L8
JBL Authentics L8If you are after a speaker that has the capacity to bring some serious power to AirPlay, you can opt for this high performer from JBL. Since JBL is recognized for creating speakers that can make you feel like you are in the middle of a stadium, enjoying a live concert, you can expect outstanding audio capabilities from the L8. Apart from supporting AirPlay, the JBL Authentics L8 also offers DLNA and Bluetooth. It has an app that allows you to manage tone controls in Android and iOS. With 4-inch woofers, 120 watts of total amplification and JBL’s ClariFi sound-enhancing technology, this is a speaker that can offer you an outstanding listening experience.


The L8 lets you enjoy clear midrange and treble and you can turn up the volume to the max, because it offers good sound even at the loudest level. However, not everything about the L8 is perfect as the bass feels overpowering. The good thing is that you can use the app to tone down the bass and control other options. This way you can enjoy a greater control over the sound and adjust it to your preference. If you are willing to invest almost $500 on an AirPlay speaker, JBL’s Authentics L8 is a great option.

Wren V5AP
Wren V5APThe Wren V5AP often gets recognition as the top choice for users who want to enjoy clear sound while streaming music, or watching a movie via AirPlay. Apart from featuring a classic design and good audio capabilities, the Wren V5AP is also an affordable option. For less than $300, you can get this speaker, which offers a consistently natural sound. While it may lack power when compared to more expensive speakers, the Wren V5AP performs well overall and its flaws become insignificant considering the convenient price.


What to expect from the V5AP
The main downside of the V5AP when it comes to sound is the bass, which is raw and doesn’t offer the softness that you can enjoy from more sophisticated speakers. It feels as if the speaker holds the bass notes when they are too loud and while that can protect the woofers, it makes the bass sound unnatural. In spite of its shortcomings, you can rely on the Wren V5AP to get natural, balanced sound in most cases. Furthermore, the Wren V5AP looks good and many users will be charmed by its timeless design. The V5AP offers a solid combination of functionality and appearance. It is compact and you can chose between bamboo or rosewood finish.

Of course, AirPlay is supported, but you can also find versions for Play-Fi (V5PF) and Bluetooth (V5BT) technologies. In fact, Wren Sound also gives users the possibility to switch to another wireless option for just $99, if you are within the three-year warranty period. Like other AirPlay speakers, the V5AP offers a 3.5mm analog input and a remote control. Overall, this speaker from Wren Sound is the most complete option and while you can pay more to get a louder, stronger audio, the truth is that difference between what the Wren V5AP offers and what you get from luxury speakers is not huge.

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