The Best 7-Inch Tablets

7-Inch tablets are the most popular thanks to their light design that makes them convenient and portable. They are easy to carry and to handle and offer the right size to ensure that you can enjoy games and video content wherever you go. There is a wide range of models available in the market and it is possible to select from top brands or less known manufacturers. If you want to get a 7″ tablet that offers the best quality of image, performance and advanced technology, you should get one of the tablets on our list. These are the devices that are going to impress you with their extraordinary quality and design.

Nexus 7
Google delivered a successful Android tablet that has become the favourite of many thanks to a reasonable price and solid performance. It is a great device for streaming music, gaming, reading, web browsing, in summary, Nexus will let you enjoy every option that a tablet offers. Online surfing is a delight, specially when using Chrome and the image is sharp and clear. While it is slightly heavier than the iPad, the textured back allows an easy grip. Nexus 7 can be yours for a price that starts at $180 and goes up to $300.

iPad Mini
The miniature version of the regular iPad offers a smaller and convenient size but the quality is truly magnificent. The iPad Mini stands out for its beautiful, slim appearance that is also sturdy and durable. With a light weigh and comfortable design, the iPad mini allows you to enjoy web browsing on the go. The quality of the 1024 x768 display is one of the highlights of this device and it will ensure that you can watch videos, read documents and e-books and play your favourite games. The iPad Mini is available between $339 and $559.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
Samsung’s 4th generation tablet has gained recognition for its reliable performance and outstanding battery life. Even though it is not exactly light, the power of its speakers makes it all worthy as this tablet offers a remarkable quality of sound. It is great for internet browsing and for streaming media. It is an easy to use and solid tablet for and for a convenient price that starts at just $179, this tablet can be a good choice for everyday use.

Kindle Fire HD
Kindle is a recognized name thanks to the great reading experience that it provides. Amazon’s tablet is designed to offer ease of usage, particularly when searching for content. While you can use it for online surfing and gaming, it is not ideal for this tasks. At 14.1 ounces, it is too heavy for convenient gaming and the online browsing is not as smooth as with other tablets. Still, if what you want a tablet that allows you read comfortably, it is the right choice. Kindle Fire HD’s price starts at $139.

Barnes & Nobles Nook may not have enjoyed the success that was expected but it makes it o the list thanks to its high resolution, which makes it very comfortable for readers. Unfortunately online surfing is not the strongest point of the Nook and the keyboard is hard to use. However, the Nook also benefits from an extensive content or e-books, magazines and newspapers. It also includes access to B&N’s video service that includes titles from Sony Pictures, HBO and Disney. Nook is available for as low as $119.

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