BackupRunner Review

BackuprunnerThere are many unfortunate situations that could result in permanent data loss, including system failure, virus infection, theft and even accidental deletion. No one is exempt from these issues and they can occur at any moment. Fortunately, many companies have realized the potential of online backup solutions as a reliable method to prevent data loss and there are many services available at this time. No matter what kind of files you want to protect, anyone can find an online backup option to suit their needs. BackupRunner is another solution that aims to help you to keep your files secure and easily recoverable, no matter what happens. We will explore what BackupRunner can offer.

Getting Started
BackupRunner strives to be a reliable backup solution that provides all the features that will ensure that your files are accessible whenever you need them. There are solutions available for business and individual users and they promise advanced technology that is easy to use and that also provides effective performance. BackupRunner combines backup, recovery and cloud storage solutions that can effectively protect your data and allow you to get it back, even if something unexpected happens. The program is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android so you can easily manage all your photos, videos and documents from your computer or mobile devices.

The service prides itself in being incredibly easy and they state that the only technical skill that you are expected to have in order to use BackupRunner is to know how to click. Even if you have never used an online backup program before, you will be able to make copies of your music, photos, videos and documents to ensure that you can retrieve them in the event of system failure or any other disaster. You can start with a free trial that gives you 5GB and that allows you to backup up to 5 computers and devices for up to 30 days. After downloading the software and creating a username and password to login to your account, you will be able to start backing up data easily.

The free trial is a good way to discover what BackupRunner offers without risking any money. In fact, the only way to sign up at the moment is by downloading the backup client for free, without even having to enter a credit card. The premium plans include solutions for home and business users that are looking for security and speed to backup their data. There is a Home Startup plan that gives you up to 100GB, which would be enough to backup your most valuable pictures, documents and videos. It costs $9.99 per month. There is also a Home Pro plan that provides 250GB for $19.99 per month. It also allows you to backup your computer and external hard drive. The Business solution includes features like centralized management, backup and account reporting, as well as remote management and control. Unlimited storage options are also available.

How Does it Work
Unfortunately, there are many ways in which important files can be lost so no matter how careful you are, or how safe you think your computer is, you are likely to experience data loss at some stage. Thankfully with a service like BackupRunner, you can prevent losing important files. BackupRunners wants to offer an efficient, automatic and flexible backup solution that allows you to keep all your files safe, regardless of their format. Even if the worst happens, you will be able to get your data back through your BackupRunner account. The program works discreetly in the background, ensuring that you can focus on other tasks without being interrupted.

The configuration wizard takes you through every step of the process, helping you to create, schedule or set up automated backups. You will get notifications about how much data has been backed up and an email will also let you know if the backup was successfully completed, or if there was any issue. BackupRunner uses smart technology to scan your data and whenever a file that is included in the backup task is updated, the software will save the changes automatically. The fact that BackupRunner allows you to save data (including information from your Facebook account) from multiple computers and devices, makes it a versatile option.

The cloud storage solution supported by BackupRunner gives you space to keep your data secure at state of the art data centres owned and operated by the company. This ensures that your data is protected even if your computer is destroyed during a natural disaster, stolen or lost. In order to access your files, you only need to access the web portal, which is quite easy to control and manage. You can get instant access to your files from any computer or mobile device. The web portal works with any browser and operating system, giving you flexibility to save and recover your data without complications.

Mirror Image Backup is a very convenient solution that allows you to backup your whole hard drive, including applications, files and folders. Mirror Image is part of the comprehensive solution offered by BackupRunner. You don’t have to pay additional fees to create an identical copy of your hard drive, which can be accessed from anywhere through your BackupRunner account online. Security is crucial for any backup service and BackupRunner makes sure that the data you transfer and store to their data centres is secured with military grade encryption.

Customer Support
While the website is easy to navigate and contains useful information present in a clear and simple manner, there are many important details missing and sections that are not even active. This has a serious impact on the image of reliability that BackupRunner wants to portray. The FAQ is not accessible and although there is a live chat option listed, it was not possible to contact a technical support representative.

BackupRunner offers features that would help you to backup, store and recover your files easily and effectively. The fact that you can start with a free trial without having to provide credit card details is a big plus, but the fact that the website lacks crucial sections and information, will make customers question the reliability of the service.

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