Backup Lizard Review

Backup LizardTechnology has enabled us to be more productive and to let our creativity out. We can accumulate a large number of files throughout the years and since we can store them in digital format, everything is kept conveniently in our computers. Keeping your pictures, videos, music and documents in the same place can be very practical, but if something happens to your computer, all the data would be lost forever. This is why backing up has become crucial and although there are different options to make sure that your files don’t disappear, online backup services are considered by many users as the most effective and convenient solution. Backup Lizard is one of these solutions and it is designed to help you to create copies of your files, which are kept securely in the cloud. We will take a look at this cloud backup service in our review.

Getting Started
Backup Lizard is a simple solution which works in partnership with Livedrive to provide advanced cloud storage technology. Backup Lizard aim to provide an easy way to get access to the innovation and high quality features that Livedrive supports. Instead of relying only on your computer to store your files, you can keep all your data safe in your Backup Lizard account supported by Livedrive a well established cloud service, where you can enjoy unlimited, secure and continuous personal storage space. This will ensure that you can still recover your precious digital content, even if your computer stops working or get lost. Backup Lizard is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Chrome OS. There are also mobile apps for iOS and Android. A version compatible with Windows Phone is on its way.

The company is based in California and it has gained recognition thanks to its powerful and simple solution to preserve your data for as long as needed. After signing up for an account, you will receive an email with your login details to access you Backup Lizard portal. Then you will be able to install the Livedrive software within a few minutes. Apart from being easy to set up, Backup Lizard is also known for its impressive low pricing that makes it an ideal option for users who are on a budget. You can start with the 14-day free trial, for which you can sign up without providing your financial details. After the trial, you can opt for the Unlimited Backup plan that provides backup storage space for up to 3 computers, or laptops for $36 per year, which is only $3 per month.

The next option is the Briefcase Suite plan, which allows you to backup up to 5 computers. You get 500GB online cloud drive space where you can store as many files as you want. The Briefcase Suite plan gives you the possibility of accessing your files from anywhere you are and it also lets you share files with your family, friends or work colleagues easily. This plan costs $96 per year, which means that the monthly price is just $8 per month. While Backup Lizard charges for 12 months in advance when you set up a subscription, if you wish to cancel at any time during that year, the remaining time will be refunded. Both personal plans offer a remarkable level of security to protect your data. All files are encrypted with AES-256 encryption to keep them safe in your online cloud.

If you require a backup solution for your company, you can choose the Business plan, which provides 1TB cloud storage space for all the computers in your organization. The storage space is synced between all your computers and even mobile devices. This means that your data goes with you anywhere you are. All the backups can be monitored centrally on the web portal and all computers can be managed with admin user controls online. The business admin portal is very easy to set up and to use and Livedrive is installed in every computer for free. Restoring files from the cloud is simple, thanks to the convenient restore software and there are also advanced options for businesses like WebDAV, SFTP and FTP access.

How Does it Work
Backup Lizard supports all the features that you require from an effective online backup solution. It is also a hassle-free service and all you need to do is to select the folders that you want to save and Backup Lizard will backup all the data in those folders to the cloud. It enables you to keep a duplicate of all your files online, ensuring that you can recover them in case of any unexpected event. All the files that you choose to backup are stored securely online and you can access and restore them using the Backup Lizard software, or through the web portal, if you cannot access your computer.

Since the backup process takes places automatically, you don’t need to worry about setting up a reminder to backup your data. Once the Livedrive desktop solution is installed and running in your computer, it will take care of keeping your data safe in the cloud while you focus on other tasks. In terms of security, Backup Lizard ensures that the data stored on your cloud account is preserved on multiple highly secured servers to make sure that it can be recovered no matter what. Data is protected using AES-256 encryption, which means that even if an eavesdropper gets to access it, they won’t be able to decipher it. Only you can get full access to your files through the web portal, or the desktop software.

Backup Lizard doesn’t limit your bandwidth and there are no file size limits when you upload files using FTP, SFTP or WebDAV. During the initial setup, Backup Lizard automatically selects default folders that contain personal documents and data. Although it is not possible to backup program files or the entire system, you can adjust the backup settings whenever needed. You can also connect an external drive and backup your files to the device. Any new files saved to the folders included in the backup task, or any changes made to the files that are kept in these folders will be automatically saved. Up to 30 versions of a file are kept and they can be restored at any stage from the web portal. Files can be shared publicly or privately within the Livedrive Briefcase.

Customer Support
Backup Lizard’s technical team is available at any time of the day, any day but they only provide support via email. While it would be preferable to have more contact options, the service is generally very efficient, professional and reliable. The website is well organized and offers a good selection of information. In the FAQ, you can easily find instructions to set up the service, or to get access to any option available.

Although Backup Lizard doesn’t manage its own technology, it is able to provide an affordable option and the fact that it relies on a recognized solution like Livedrive means that you can choose their service with confidence. If you are looking for a simple, practical and most of all, low priced option, Backup Lizard is a good choice that gets the job done.

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