Astrill VPN Review

AstrillInternet is essential for companies, small businesses, academic researchers, students and pretty much anyone who wants to learn, communicate and have fun. It is convenient, affordable and it also offers an incredible range of possibilities to stay connected with the world. Anyone who needs to get exposure for their business, or share their work with others needs a website. Even the most recognized brands and retailers need to have presence on internet because many customers prefer to shop online because it is often faster and easier.

The fact that internet has become so relevant in our lives means that we also need to consider how it affects our privacy. While it is a practical tool to find and to share information with other users, the amount of data that we post online may also become a danger to our own safety. In fact, even if we don’t publish our details, they may be accessed by hackers and eavesdroppers. Obviously the option is not to stop using internet, but to protect yourself with the help of a VPN like Astrill.

Based in Seychelles, Astrill is a VPN provider that was established in 2009 with the purpose of offering security and privacy for internet users. The company provides all the necessary features that will allow you to enjoy a safe and versatile online browsing experience. With Astrill, you can protect your information and at the same time, you can get unrestricted access to online content. Astrill offers many benefits and if you are looking for a VPN solution, this review will help you to find out if Astrill suits your needs

What Does Astrill Offer
These days, people of all ages and backgrounds are using internet and everyone needs to safeguard their privacy. Since a VPN is the most effective way to protect your online connection, all kinds of users can benefit from this technology. Ease of use is one of the most important characteristics that a VPN can offer and Astrill aims to make their service simple. You can set up Astrill within minutes thanks to the straightforward installation wizard. The service is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

Security and encryption are also crucial aspects of a VPN service because they determine the level of protection that you can expect. Astrill supports OpenVPN, which is recognized as the most secure protocol available. Additionally, Astrill works with PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP and even other options like OpenWeb, StealthVPN and Cisco IPsec. The wide variety of protocols supported, make Astrill a flexible option that adapts to the way you want to connect to internet. Astrill uses military-grade encryption (256-bit SSL) to maintain your privacy.

Another important thing to consider about a VPN is speed. While it is normal to experience a slowdown in your connection while using a VPN (due to the encryption applied), a solid VPN service would minimize the impact to ensure that you can enjoy online streaming and gaming without major issues. Although Astrill isn’t the fastest solution you can find in the market, it offers a satisfactory performance overall. Plus, it is important to keep in mind that the speed will also depend on your own internet connection and your computer.

Furthermore, features like Video Accelerator and WebCache will allow you to enjoy better speed and a great streaming experience. Video Accelerator is designed to provide optimal speed when you are accessing content from streaming service like Hulu, YouTube, Netflix and others. In combination with WebCache, Video Accelerator works to guarantee the best experience while watching online content. These options are not only ideal for entertainment purposes, but they also let you maintain the security of your connection. Additionally, Astrill offers NAT Firewall, a packet filter that reinforces the security of your connection. It keeps you safe you from malicious internet traffic and prevents third-party access that could affect your privacy.

You can also get fully dedicated IPs on some of the servers, which is a practical option in case you need to access websites and services like online banking, which block dynamic IPs. It is also possible to select the services that should be directed through the VPN connection and those that can be accessed using your regular connection. This gives you more control over your online browsing and helps you to avoid any restrictions or interruptions while you are using your favourite applications. Port forwarding is also available, which enables you to choose which ports should be forwarded and which are to be blocked.

Even though Astrill aims to offer a high level of protection for its customers, one of the things that may concern some users is the fact that you would need to verify a mobile phone during the sign up process. Since the main reason why many people are choosing a VPN is that they want to protect their anonymity, the request to confirm a phone would put off many potential customers. However, this will not be a deal-breaker for everyone and the convenience and excellent customer service that Astrill provides, still make it a very solid option.

Plans and Servers’ location
Astrill gives you the possibility of trying their service for free for 7 days, which is a very generous offer that you won’t find with most providers. The subscription plans start at $9.98 per month for three months, for six months you pay $6.66 and the price for one year is just $5.83, and it includes StealthVPN without additional cost. Astrill has over 220 servers in 55 countries including Czech Republic, Ireland, Finland, United States, Japan, Germany, New Zealand and Korea.

Customer Support
One of the highlights of Astrill is its dedication to provide a good experience for its customers. You will be able to find a great deal of information and help resources on the website, including a comprehensive knowledgebase. There are step by step guides and even video tutorials available, but if you require direct assistance, you can reach out the customer support team via live chat, phone or email. You can expect helpful, professional and efficient assistance from Astrill.

If you are looking for a secure and affordable solution to get access to a wide variety of content online, Astrill is a good quality VPN service that also aims to keep your privacy safe. The provider offers a good selection of advanced features and the client’s simple interface ensures that everyone can enjoy the protection and versatility that the service can offer. Astrill is not perfect, but it is a good option that deserves to be considered.

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