AppLinks innovate mobile navigation

Facebook AppLinks was announced on April 30th, during Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference and it is set to offer an alternative to the hassle of clicking links in mobile apps, which would lead to webpages that are not designed to be accessed from a mobile device. With Facebook AppLinks, users would be redirected smoothly from one app to another using a simple html code. AppLinks simplifies users’ experience when clicking on links as they use their mobile and it is easy to implement for developers.

Developers can get free access to this open-source code that enables app to app linking, without the need of going thorough a website first. When you are using the Facebook app and you click on a link, you will be taken to the app related to that link and not to the webpage, which will ensure that you enjoy the best experience in your device. Additionally, AppLinks is compatible with webpages that are designed for mobile devices view and that have been created using services like Parse.

AppLinks works with all the major platforms such as Android, Windows Phone and iOS and it supports a large number of apps including Facebook of course, Spotify, Hulu, Pinterest and Dropbox. The AppLinks platform is flexible and versatile and it even allows you to publish links through Facebook, Parse and other services, even if you do not have a website.

With Applinks, the days of mobile web may be coming to an end because this platform offers the possibility of switching between apps easily, without a frustrating web browsing experience in your mobile. You get easy access to apps for anything from entertainment, shopping to games. It is the most convenient solution for developers and users to improve their mobile linking and navigation experience.

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