Apple’s iOS 8 updates: Identify songs through Shazam and Siri

Have you ever got a song stick in your head without even knowing what it is called or who sings it? You probably have, or you may have listened to a song that you fell in love with instantly but couldn’t find out what was the name of the track. Apple’s Siri may soon be able to help you in these cases. Thanks to an update that is rumoured to be released with iOS 8, which would integrate Shazam. Shazam is a popular music identification app that already counts with millions of users.

Some reports indicate that Shazam will be built-in in the upcoming iOS 8 and will include additional music recognition tools. With the integration of Shazam, Apple expects to attract more users to their iTunes store and iTunes Radio. At the moment, Shazam works by recognizing a song that is being played around you and it redirects you to a music streaming apps like Spotify to listen to it or to iTunes, to download it. If Shazam and Siri are put to work together, it would not be wild to imagine that even if the song that you are looking for is not playing around you, if you can hum the tune or tell Siri a part of the lyrics, you would still be redirected to the exact song.

As the music subscription options are steadily moving towards replacing music downloads, Apple may be interested in launching their own subscription service. In fact, according to some sources, Apple has already taken steps to develop this service but it has not been launched since it would represent a direct competitor for iTunes. iOS is expected to be officially announced in Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference which will take place in San Francisco from June 2nd to the 4th.

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