Apple Watch – iOS 8 based features you can expect

Apple Watch was officially announced on the second week of September and even though many expected it to be launched before the end of the year, it looks like it will not be available for sale until early 2015. By now, it is clear that there are iOS 8 features that are particularly suitable for this gadget. Taking into consideration the latest features that Apple has introduced, we will take a look at the main functions that would allow users to enjoy a high level of convenience they wear Apple’s technology. Here are three simple ways in which Apple Watch could enhance your iDevice experience.

Handoff for Calls and Texts
Apple’s latest firmware offers the possibility of making and receiving calls from your Mac computer. The calls and texts are routed from your iPhone, giving you the possibility of managing your communications from your computer. It would not be strange that Apple also gives the option of connecting your iPhone to Apple Watch, ensuring that the Handoff option is also available for this new device. This would be a practical way to reply to your texts and take phone calls using the same beautiful accessory that you are wearing on your wrist.

Headphones and Charging
Design, size and the fact that it is a wearable gadget are some of the aspects that could make Apple Watch a must have item. However, many wonder how could such a small device support charging and music listening functions effectively if it cannot fit all the necessary ports. The answer may be in the use of headphones with lightning cables, which would replace the use of standard 3.5 mm input. iOS 8 could allow these functions with the use of lightning cable and port but due to the fact that the Apple Watch is meant to allow you to enjoy free movement, the simple solution is the use of Bluetooth headsets.

While Apple Watch is designed to be a companion to your iPhone, you do not need to carry your phone with you if you are going to the gym and only want to enjoy a bit of music while you exercise. Given that Apple Watch will offer great fitness related features, it is only natural that it gives users the option of enjoying music on the go. In terms of charging, Apple also came up with a design fix that makes everything more convenient. Apple Watch uses magnets and inductive charging in a sealed unit. You would only need to hold the watch close to the charging connector and the magnets will hold them together.

With iOS 8 all the photos you take are stored in your iCloud account, so you can access them from any device. The way the images are displayed and organized has also been modified. The fact that iOS 8 enables photo storage directly in iCloud, means that you will not have to worry about running out of space. This would be particularly important for Apple Watch since the device may not have a large storage capacity. An iCloud photo library means that you would be able to access your photos from your smart watch at any time.

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