AltDrive Review

AltDriveEven if you have been using your computer for years without any issues, it is important to remember that data loss can happen at any time. It is a danger that is constantly lurking and unless we take preventive measures, we are likely to be impacted by it. There are so many things that can go wrong: your computer may be infected by a virus, the hard-drive may give up, or your laptop can be stolen. It doesn’t matter how it happens because in the end, the result is the same and you will be left without your photos, videos and documents.

Every piece of information that you value can be preserved with the help of an online backup service like AltDrive. They offer a solid option that focuses on providing a simple, effective service that does exactly what it is meant to do. AltDrive is a suitable option for anyone who wants a reliable backup service with unlimited storage for a reasonable price. After a decade in the industry, AltDrive continues working to provide a competitive backup solution that combines security and ease of use. Here is more about AltDrive.

Getting Started
AltDrive was established in 2005 with the aim of providing a simple and secure online backup solution that could support multiple platforms. Unlike other services available, AltDrive doesn’t support file syncing or sharing capabilities. It’s focus is on backing up all your data for a very convenient price and while there are not extraordinary features, you can expect a service that is basic, yet very effective. AltDrive is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Oracle Solaris.

There are two unlimited plans for home users and the price varies according to the amount of computers that you want to backup. For one computer, you can choose the Gold plan, which costs only $4.45 per month. A full year of service of priced at $44.50. This plan gives you the possibility of storing, securing, backing up and restoring all your file from one device. Next is the AltDrive Platinum plan, which offers all the benefits of the Gold plan, but it supports up to 3 computers for $9.95 per month. You can subscribe for a full year for $99.50. A free 30-day trial is available so you can give AltDrive a trial before any purchase.

Business users can also rely on AltDrive to protect their company’s data. Some of the benefits of choosing AltDrive as the backup solution for your business is that you can enjoy a truly unlimited experience. There are no limits in terms of bandwidth, transfer rates, file sizes or types. Another reason to choose AltDrive for business is that their prices are very convenient. They charge $0.15 per GB, per month and you pay for what you need. Business users can also avail of advanced options to manage permissions and adjust the performance of the service according to their needs.

You can start by signing up for an account online and then download and install the software. The configuration wizard will guide you through the process and you can decide is you want to use AltDrive’s encryption key, or set up your own one. Keeping your encryption key safe is crucial because if you lose it, you will not be able to access your data. Once you have finished setting up AltDrive, you can create a backup task by specifying how you want the backups to be carried out.

How Does it Work?
After installing AltDrive in your computer, you can start customizing the backup process to suit your preferences. You will be able to carry out the first backup easily as the program takes you through every step of the process. You can select the files and folders that should be included or not in the backup and once you have created a backup plan, AltDrive will automatically complete the process scheduled. Although continuous backups are not supported, they can take place as often as every few minutes. Backups can also be paused whenever necessary, which means that if you are streaming content, or playing a game online, you can keep all your bandwidth to these tasks.

Restoring data with AltDrive is also very simple. You would only need to right-click on the system tray to access the restore wizard, which will guide you through every step. You can restore a full backup set, or select specific files within that set that should be restored. It is also possible to choose the location where the files should be placed once AltDrive restores them. You can select and specific date and time to restore from. AltDrive allows you to restore up to 60 days of previous versions of your files.

The security of your data is taken very seriously by this online backup provider, in fact, the level of protection that they provide for your files is one of the main reasons to choose AltDrive above other options available. Files are stored in highly-secure SSAE-16 compliant facilities and geo-redundancy reinforces the availability of your data ensures that it can be restored whenever you need it. During transfer, your files are protected with AES 356-bit encryption and SSL security to protect them from third-parties.

Customer Support
AltDrive offers great help resources on the website, including video tutorial, a comprehensive knowledgebase and a detailed FAQ section, where you will find a lot of helpful information. If you need to contact their support team, you can do it via email-based ticket system. Although it would be preferable to have more efficient contact options such as live chat and phone, AltDrive offers professional and responsive technical support when contacted through the ticket system.

AltDrive is a hassle-free, straightforward online backup solution that aims to keep your data secure and easy to restore. As previously mentioned, AltDrive does not provide file sharing or syncing functionality, which is disappointing for anyone who needs a fully featured solution to manage their data. The option to backup to local drives is also missing from the service. However, they offer fast performance and a reliable backup service at an incredible price. In spite of the limited functionality, AltDrive deserves recognition as a good and affordable option for users whose main concern is to prevent data loss.

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