Addappt is now available for Android users

Keeping your contact list up to date can be a very difficult task, specially if you have changed your phone number and need to notify all your friends. Thankfully, Addappt, an app that has been available for Apple devices since last year can offer a solution and now, Android users will also be able to use it. When you update your profile in Addappt, this app automatically updates your contact details, including email address, birthday, phone number, home address and more, in the phone books of your friends.

You will no longer have to notify all your contacts about any change in your details because once you update the information in your Addappt profile, the app will sync the data to your smartphone’s address book and will reflect the changes in your friends phone book, if they are also using Addappt. The contact information is updated simultaneously and privately so the changes would only be available for your friends to see.

At the moment, there are some additional features available only for iPhone users such as Group Actions, which enables you to manage better contact groups and the content shared between them. With Group Actions, you can send emails, texts and images to an specific group of friends. It allows you to create a private group and share messages and photos with the confidence of knowing that they can only be seen by the people you have selected.

Addappt also gives you the possibility of finding your contacts faster as you can look them up by location, name. It is also possible to search by company and job title and to create a group based in this selection. This would allow you to create a private group to communicate effectively with business partners and work colleagues. When you set up your contact groups, you can start sharing pictures, sending emails and texts that will be seen by everyone in the group. With Addappt, you do not have to worry about the size limit for email attachments imposed by Apple 5.

The version available in Google Play does not offer all the additional tools but it allows you to ensure that your details are updated for you and for your contacts. It is expected that the features that are currently exclusive for iOS will soon be available for Android. To ensure that the information that you share in Addappt remains private, the app does not work with Facebook or Twitter, so you won’t have to worry about the possibility of having information that was not intended for all of your contacts, being displayed in social networks.

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