How to add holidays to iPhone or iPad Calendar

Nowadays there are so many convenient options to add holidays to your calendar, that it is no longer necessary to do this manually. Calendar feeds allow you to enter the correct dates for public holidays in your iPhone or iPad with a few simple settings. You can find dates for public holidays all over the world online and set up your calendar with the relevant information for your location in your iPhone. Just make sure that the calendar format end in “.ics” when you are adjusting it. In order to show you how its done, we will use the US calendar. Following the below steps, you will be able to add US holidays to the calendar in your iPhone and iPad to make sure that it is updated.

1. Go to Settings, then Mail, Contacts and select Calendars.
2. Tap on Add Account , scroll down and tap on Other, there you will see additional options, including Add Subscribed Calendar. Tap on it.
3. Enter the following: “” and select Next, followed by Save and Done, which will appear in the next screen.
4. This is all you need to do to have the calendar updated with holidays in the United States. In order to confirm that it has been added correctly, you can go to your Calendar, tap on Calendars and the updated calendar with US holidays, will appear under Subscribed.
5. You can change the calendar name in Description and you also have the option to modify the colour of the listings under US Holidays or hide them. It is also possible to add other calendars, following the same steps and adding a valid “.ics” format.

To hide the holiday calendar, you simply need to uncheck it and it will not be shown in your main calendar. If you prefer to delete it, you just to do the below:
1. In Settings, go to Mail, Contacts and Calendars.
2. Tap on Subscribed Calendars listing
3. Select the calendar that you want to remove
4. Tap on Delete Account and the calendar will be deleted instantly.

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