Acronis True Image Review

AcronisOur digital files capture unique ideas, projects, special events and everything else that is important for our work, education, entertainment and more. We keep all this information in our computers, which is why it is important to implement security practices that help us to protect our data, in case of an unexpected event. Your computer could be stolen, damaged during a fire, or it may crash, leaving you without all the information that you value.

Fortunately, there are many methods to prevent data loss and one of the most practical options available is online backup. You can even save an exact copy of your entire hard drive, thanks to disk imaging software like Acronis True Image. This is a complete solution that enables you to restore your backed up computer, which means that you will recover all your data. Acronis True Image 2015 is the latest version of this popular disk-imaging program. Here is what it offers.

Getting Started
Acronis has been working to deliver a top backup solution through its True Image software for over a decade. The 2015 version of True Image includes a great selection of new features and boasts an enhanced interface, designed to make the backup process simple. With Acronis True Image, you can complete a wide range of backup and restore tasks. From image backups of entire disks and partitions, to continuous backups of every edit that you make to a particular file, or folder.

There are different options available for users who want to keep their data safe and easily available with True Image. The Personal license (Mac and PC users) costs $49.99 for one computer, when you purchase it for the first time. There is a discount of around 40% when you upgrade from a previous version of the program for PC. If you need to safeguard data from up to 5 computers, the price goes up to $129.99, but if you are upgrading, you would only pay $99.99.

If you want to add cloud storage, you will need to get an annual subscription of $49.99 for 250GB, $149.98 for 500GB, or $239.98 for 1TB. There is also a version that works for both Mac and PC and that supports multiple computers. This would be an ideal option if you use different platforms and need to protect the data in all your devices. However, if you are looking for a complete solution for your backup and cloud storage needs, the best choice is Acronis True Image Unlimited. As the name indicates, this version of True Image provides an experience without limits as it combines local and cloud backup, providing as much storage space as you need.

The Unlimited edition is compatible with Mac OS X (from 10.8 to 10.10) and Windows (XP, 7, 8 and 8.1). Prices start at $99.99 for one computer, per year and go up to $169 per year, for 3 computers. While the prices are not exactly low, it is worth considering that the package includes the True Image program (which you keep, even if you decide to stop the subscription), syncing across devices and online storage. Regardless of the product selected, you can select a 30-day trial to check what True Image offers before making a purchase.

How Does it Work
In the past, True Image was often described as complex, but Acronis has addressed the issue in the latest edition of the program. The new interface is simple, elegant and very clear, which will ensure that you can complete backup tasks without any hassle. You can easily select if you wish to backup your entire computer, Disks and Partitions, or only specific files and folders. When you select to backup your entire computer, the Operating System, system settings, all the programs installed and your personal data will be backed up.

In case something happens to your computer and you need to restore it completely, all you need to do is to select the date of the backup you wish to recover and all the data will be restored to its original location. The main downside of this option is that you would not be able to change the default destination, or to select particular partitions. However, you can get more flexibility if you opt for the Disk and Partitions alternative, which lets you choose specific partitions to backup and you can also restore them separately.

Acronis True Image also allows you to backup specific files and folders. For instance, you can select Desktop and Documents and choose the location where the backup should be stored. The destination for the backup can be an external hard drive, the cloud, or any other location available. You also have the chance to encrypt the backup, or select schedule options before starting the backup job. True Image uses 256-bit AES encryption and backups can be password-protected using a personal encryption key.

Recovery is just as simple as backing up data and you just need to click the Recover files button, which appears once the backup job is completed. You just need to select the files and folders that you wish to retrieve and you will be able to recover them without any issues. Other features supported include email notifications, file versioning, compression, priority setting, speed limiting and Backup Reserve copy, which duplicates the backup in a secondary location.

Customer Support
Acronis has a comprehensive knowledge base that includes information about most aspects of the service including technical issues. If you require additional help, you can also contact the support team via live chat, or get assistance from the live community. This section allows you to ask for advice from experienced users who can share tips and options to fix a problem. Alternatively, you can also reach out Acronis via email and phone, if you are a paid customer. The most efficient options are the live chat and phone support as you can get fast and professional responses.

Acronis True Image offers a strong selection of features and it is a high quality imaging backup solution. True Image is a powerful disk-imaging software, but the fact that the new version is easy to use, will attract customers whose main concern is to have a simple way to protect their data in case of a disaster. While the prices are high compared to other options in the market, Acronis is still the leading program if you want complete backup protection for all the data in your computer.

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