Maps.ME: Fast, easy to use and convenient

Maps.ME by MapsWithMe is a fantastic and easy to use app that offers basic but very useful features. The app is available for iPhone, as well as Android and Amazon and thanks to its functions, detailed maps and the fact that it works offline, it has gained recognition as one of the best apps for travelling. What makes Maps.ME stand out from other similar apps is its simplicity and impressive performance. To find our more about what it offers, let’s take a closer look to Maps.ME.

Advanced an accurate content
Maps.ME offers a comprehensive selection of maps from all over the world, making it an essential tool for your travels. It will also be useful when you are driving and need to get more details to make it to your destination. You will be able to access Maps.ME even if you are in a desolated area and it includes information about points of interest such as main tourist attractions, restaurants and service stations. Their database is updated regularly by users, ensuring that the maps are accurate.

Unlike many other apps of its kind, Maps.ME is incredibly fast, meaning that you will be able to find the details to get to the place you are looking for within only a few seconds. The app is well-deigned and the fact that it gets its data from OSM contributes to make it more efficient, along with its data compression feature that reduces the maps size to save memory. The app works well, allowing you to zoom in and out the maps or to move to the left or right easily. The content is available fast and you can see it without issues.

Simple Interface
While other map apps overcomplicate things by adding too much to their design or including features that are not really necessary, Maps.ME strives for simplicity, with a user-friendly interface that offers all the functions that you need, without any extras or frills. The maps rotation is a feature that ensures flexibility to view the information. This will help you to establish your location and use the map as a guide to reach your destination. The GPS support determines your current location and adds functionality to the offline map. It is possible to share your location with others in case of emergency or if you need to meet with friends while you travel.

Bookmarking places is easy, all you need to do is to pin a location and the app will automatically compete the process. Once you get Maps.ME, you will be able to access any map without additional cost and the maps will be accessible offline once you have download them. For just $1.99, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of an easy to use app that includes detailed maps that are accessible at an incredible speed.

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