Best Song Identifier Apps for Android

Music can lift our mood, help us to relax, or be the best company when we are feeling nostalgic. The power of music is extraordinary and thanks to modern technology, we can listen to our favourite songs at any time and place. Smartphones and tablets have become our personal jukeboxes as there are many great apps to stream music on the go. Many of these apps allow us to look for a song we love, or browse through the catalogue of our favourite artists. However, there are times when we may not know the name of the band, or the title of the song we are looking for.

You may have a tune stuck in your head after hearing it on the radio, a club or a shop, but you couldn’t catch the name of the song and have no idea who sings it. Thanks to music recognition apps, you will always be able to find out what is the song that is playing around you. You won’t need to call a radio station, or go to a record shop and ask them to help you to identify the song while you hum the tune. The apps in this list give you the chance to know exactly what song is playing so you can buy the record or stream it. Here are the best apps to identify any song, no matter where you are.

ShazamIt is impossible to talk about music recognition apps without mentioning Shazam, the most popular solution to identify any song within seconds. This app allows you to find out the song’s title and discover your new favourite artist. It is also ideal for those times when you hear a song that you always liked, but can’t remember its name. With Shazam, you can get the song’s lyrics, watch the video on YouTube, or buy the track from Amazon. Shazam supports multiple platforms and can be downloaded for free.


SoundHoundMost music identifying apps can tell you what song is playing around you, but what if the music is over and you didn’t have a chance to ask the app. The solution is SoundHound, a practical app that lets you search for a song by humming or singing it. SoundHound is the only app that allows you to do this, thanks to its voice recognition technology. It is incredibly fast, beautifully designed and it also gives you access to the latest social media updates from your favourite artists. SoundHound is available for free.


TrackIDThis free app created by Sony combines a beautiful interface and a simple way to recognize the song that you are listening to. With just one tap, TrackID will tell you almost immediately, what is the name of the song and who is the artist. The app also gives you additional information about the track, a biography of the artist and access to music videos. You can share the songs with your friends via Facebook and there is also an option to save your searches and listen to the songs later using your favourite music streaming services.

MusiXmatch Music & Lyrics
MusiXmatch Music & LyricsMusic lovers can rely on MusiXmatch, a popular app that holds an impressive catalogue of music and lyrics. It works as a song identifier, a lyrics database and a music player. MusiXmatch has a gorgeous interface with amazing transitions and animations and its MusicID feature enables you to identify songs from TV and radio, fast and easily. This free apps offers a great set of features that will help you to enjoy the music you love and to sing along to your favourite songs.


Sound Search for Google Play
Sound Search for Google Play appThrough this widget that can be added to your lockscreen, Google helps you to recognize the music that is playing in the background. Apart from being a practical option, Sound Search is also a good looking app that offers a user friendly interface and great options like equalizer and cover art. The app can identify songs quickly and it gives you the chance to purchase tracks directly from Google Play. You can also keep your song identification history and sync across Android devices to buy a track whenever you want.

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